Discord App free Download for Android - latest version

Discord App free Download for Android - latest version

Discord App is one such app that was created by gamers for gamers to solve problems. It's an easy-to-use free communications app, similar to apps like Skype or Slack, but aimed mainly at gamers with a lot more features. Discord app lets friends chat with each other one-to-one or as a group via a server. 

Discord App provides user-friendly text, voice, screen-sharing, and video chat services through public or private servers that can be set up pretty quickly. No doubt, the Discord App started out as a gamer's chat app and became quite famous for it. But its users started finding non-gaming ways of using this platform, which inspired Discord App to make some changes. 

Discord App thought about growing beyond its only for gamers image, and now it wants to be seen as a general-purpose chat app for everyone with non-gaming needs and wants, to go mainstream all over the world, just like Zoom. 

And you won't believe that it's being used for anything and everything that you can think of, from large corporate meetings to job recruitment, from live karaoke nights to virtual wedding parties, the possibilities are pretty endless. That's why they've changed the branding and introduced a new tagline that specifically says, it's your place to talk. In short, Discord App is projecting itself as the future of platforms where you can chat with friends, learn something online, or just share ideas even if you're not into gaming.

Discord App Secure or not?

Discord App says that security is their primary focus and that they're revising their features to keep your experience safe. However, despite all those assurances, users have still encountered various security issues. Some so extreme that even the FBI had to investigate them. 

Discord App also has loose regulations about file distribution within its ecosystem, which allows the malware to spread if you're not careful about what you click on. Some experts even say that Discord's API could also be used to harvest uses data, raising the potential for more severe security exploits. 

So all this doesn't really present Discord App as a perfectly reliable platform. FBI, malware, the idea of harbors and user's data. However, just like other sites and apps, users can manage the amount of data they share by changing their Discord App settings in the privacy settings menu. 

Now, we all have one time or another willing clicked through permissions and TNCs of various platforms, unknowingly sharing a huge amount of our data without thinking twice. The same is the case with the Discord App, where, unfortunately, your privacy is on the line from the moment that you decide to sign up.

Bottom Line

There's no doubt that the Discord App is becoming popular and is selling like hotcakes. And because of the new funding of $100 million that it got from investors recently, it's going to expand even further, and we'll soon see it everywhere. And if you're going to use it for communication purposes, please be cautious. Make sure not to click on any suspicious links, because clicking unfamiliar links and downloads, unfamiliar files, and talking to unfamiliar people can in fact be dangerous on the wild wild web.

How to Leave a Discord App Server?

If you want to leave a Discord App server on ios or android on the mobile app press the three lines on the top left there. so you could see all the servers you're part of choosing the one you want to leave. you should see those three dots on the top press that and you'll need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to see the leave server option there press that and then press yes and just like that you've left a server on discord app.


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