Inshot PRO apk 2021 free download for android APK - Unlocked - 1.720.1314

Inshot PRO apk 2021 free download for android APK - Unlocked - 1.720.1314


you always searching for the best iPhone editing app. On this website, you easily found one that honestly might solve almost every gripe I've ever had about these iPhone editing apps it's called 
Inshot Pro. Today Inshot Pro it's super highly rated in the App Store and it does a lot of cool things but it also is really functional as well so let's dive right in and I'll show you how to use it so let's open that Inshot Pro.

How to use the Inshot pro editing app

This is the pro version of Inshot Pro. basically, there are three different memberships that you can get there's a monthly plan. A yearly planning a one-time payment plan that gives you access to all of the features you can use this Inshot Pro app for video photo and also collage editing and we're going to walk through it.

some of the features that this Inshot Pro application has for your video editing exercises. so we're going to start with trimming this basically allows you to trim the video to different seconds in terms of length you can cut up different areas of the videos. that means you don't want to include and you can also split them in half you have the canvas feature which allows you to resize the video to different proportions. whether you're using it for Instagram Snapchat Facebook this basically allows you to edit the portrait or landscape sizes of the video for the purpose of this tutorial.

In Inshot Pro app have beautiful effects, you can also adjust the lightness contrast saturation and different photo editing features remember. Inshot Pro work for both video and also photos you have music that you can add you can pre-record you can use tracks or their special effects. that they have already available some which are free or you might have to purchase you can adjust the speed of the videos to either have slow motion or have it go faster. then you have backgrounds which are the white shaded area remember. Inshot pro is the best video editing app.

the square size so allows you to change it to different colors different patterns and different backgrounds for the purpose of this video in the Inshot Pro app. if you have text that you can include in the videos they have tons of different font styles and also and available for purchases. you can rotate the videos and also flip the dimensions. so if you're looking to add text to the video you basically choose your font to write your text out and it's great because it also has alignment and again this tutorial is to show you. how you can edit the videos so they look like the means it's to shop center it and then you can export to your phone you can export them directly on to the different applications.

Inshot PRO apk 2021 free download for android APK - Unlocked - 1.720.1314

Editing or Creating a Video

You can create a video a photo or collage of course in the Inshot Pro app. You like to talk about the video so that's what we're gonna do hit that green new button to get started and it opens up your camera roll in the Inshot app select some of these videos and bring them into this project hit that green checkmark to bring them in and just wait while the videos import. now a lot of the apps that you review take forever to import the clips but for whatever reason and shut is really quick so even though. you need to just select a whole bunch of shots it doesn't take long at all to bring them into the Inshot Pro app. now imported all that you have clipped. the first thing you want to do is set your canvas size. the canvas isn't the first setting on the list of settings here in this app because to me it's like the first thing you need to do the first decision. you need to make but let's hit it now and what's great about Inshot is that it gives you sizes for all your social media.

Inshot PRO apk 2021 free download for android APK - Unlocked - 1.720.1314

Cinematic Black bar

Need to download a black image on Google then click on it and save it to my camera roll. now inside Inshot Pro video editor. Just click on stickers we're gonna click on the images and choose from our camera roll and import that black image. then you need to select that black bar to be so let's say right there and then pick duplicate up that and put it right over the top of the other one we're gonna grab. that one and move it over here now we're going to duplicate again. you need to keep stacking these images on top of each other and then make the bottom part and there we go we have the black bars over our image. now if we wanted to extend these we just have to drag the clips out a bit longer, and there you go you have those cinematic black bars on your video.

Inshot PRO apk 2021 free download for android APK - Unlocked - 1.720.1314

Add PNG photos

PNG photos they're basically photos without a background. for example, if you want to point people to your Instagram and you want to do follow on Instagram notice. how this Instagram photo has no background. it's not white or black or anything that's because it's a PNG photo and you can actually download these straight from Google. you need to just search Instagram PNG and then as you can see. you have this image up here all hold down on it you can either say save two photos or add two photos or whatnot so there we go and now what. now go into Inshot video editor and then click on stickers go over to choose from the camera roll.

Inshot PRO apk 2021 free download for android APK - Unlocked - 1.720.1314

Zoom Effect

Zoom effect to your videos notice how it just cropped in on me that's a zoom effect. so what that does is it kind of just changes the camera angle of your videos and helps keep people's attention. how to do this effect where you zoom in for a little bit and then zoom right back out inside Inshot. so cut this clip into three different areas. then the first part is going to be regular the second part here is going to be where zoomed-in .so click on the canvas and then go over to zoom and we're actually gonna zoom in a bit and scroll over but we don't wanna be too zoomed in. you go in like maybe 10 or 11 there and just kind of only a little more move it perfectly to where it zoomed in. Now when we played a clip we have this angle everyone else assumes in a little bit for a little bit and then zooms back out. so having that little zoom-in between your videos is gonna help keep people's attention and you just make your videos look a little bit better editing.

Inshot PRO apk 2021 free download for android APK - Unlocked - 1.720.1314

Remove/Add Music

While editing video you need an app that gives you all features in one place. Not only can you edit video with InShot Pro but also edit sound effects. It gives you a collection of sound effects that can be used in the video anytime. You can get rid of unwanted and noisy music, which makes your video unprofessional. Along with this, you can add pleasant music to your video in the way you like it. You can even add your voice in the video with good quality using InShot Pro.

Rotate and Flip your video

Now and again when you make a video it has various points. With the assistance of In Shot Pro, you can turn recordings and make point redresses. It is one of the additions to focuses that is given in this Andriod App. Likewise, you can flip the recordings at a point of 360 degrees or 180 degrees. This is given a stunning look to the video.


Import Footage that is good

Importing footage In Inshot pro that actually looks good. now there's a lot of cool things inside Inshot to make your footage look better and cooler. but taking good footage in the first place is gonna help you out tremendously.


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