ES File Explorer free download for Android Latest

ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is the world's top Android file manager with over 350 million users from
different countries all over the globe. you can use ES File Explorer to manage your smartphone PC or server and even to access your files in the cloud. ES File Explorer lets you access the files you need where and when you need them.

ES File Explorer free download for Android Latest

Do you need a file stored on your PC? ES File Explorer can help you easily open the file remotely through FTP, you can also upload files to your cloud service of choice want to see what's inside your zip files. don't worry ES File Explorer lets you preview your compressed files in one click. you can also use the ES files Explorer disk analysis function to see. how much space your files take up on your phone and completely remove junk files? 

ES File Explorer is a full entertainment management system after you start up your 
Chromecast player, you can use ES File Explorer to connect your smartphone to your home TV easily. when you want to listen to music you can use es to easily make a playlist on your smartphone over the internet and on the cloud. 

If you want to prevent your children from viewing something you can use the file encryption function on ES File Explorer to lock individual files and just one click. ES File Explorer with the powerful land sends function on ES File Explorer. you can share your photos files and games with your plans easily with ES File Explorer. you're in control of your world anything is possible.

ES File Explorer free download for Android Latest

ES File Explorer Features

Access your Pc for Android: ES File Explorer is- Access your PC from android over Wifi You might already know that one can share files between two computers, under the same network. But you will be glad to know that, you can also share files between your PC and Android using ES file explorer. Once detected, you can simply browse through share files on your PC. You can play a video file or move them from your PC to android or vice-verse.

Browsing Android File from Pc: This ES File Explorer is helpful while transferring files from PC to android, without using a data cable. This function is similar to the android app, but with not so cool interface. ES file manager will display an FTP URL. That you can enter in computer's browser and access content of your android SD card.

Quickly Uninstall Multiple AppsThe traditional way to uninstall android apps, is too tedious, from your device and then uninstall them one by one. However, there is a quick way of doing it with ES file explorer. So once again open your ES file explore and go to your apps from the library. Select the apps you want to uninstall and form the option and tap on uninstall. And that's it. All your apps will uninstall one by one. You will have to confirm un-installation for every app but if your device is rooted then you would not have to do even that.

Extract APK from install apps: Extract APK from your install apps There are many third-party applications in the play store, that can extract APK from your install application. However, we don't need to install the additional app, since extracting APK is yet another hidden feature of our favorite file manager.

Transfer big file b/w two Androids: Quickly Transfer big files between two Android You may have heard about apps like Wifi file transfer or super bean that help to share files between two androids using WiFi. But do you know our feature-loaded? ES file manager allows you to transfer big files between two androids.

Remove Pre-Installed Apps: There are many apps that come pre-install with stock android, but you will agree that some of them are pretty useless. However, since these are system apps there is no way to uninstall them. You can only uninstall their update but cannot completely remove them from your phone. which means they will always sit here and consume your storage. But, like always, the ES file Explorer will rescue us, this time as well.

Installing App As System App: Some apps that can only work when they are installed as a system app. In Google play, you will find many apps to do this, but again this can be easily done using ES file explore so you don't have to install another app.

ES File Explorer free download for Android Latest

ES File Explorer free download for Android Latest

ES File Explorer free download for Android Latest

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